How We Do It


Understanding Customer Needs

Whether a customer needs an "off-the-shelf" speaker or one designed from the bottom up, MISCO’s business is entirely focused on satisfying the customer from initial contact through order fulfillment.

Our experienced sales and engineering staff work to assure that all product performance requirements are clearly met and a mile-stone based timeline is established that satisfies our customers’ product goals. MISCO believes that open communications are critical to assure there are no surprises.


Product Design

MISCO engineers design products using the latest 3D CAD tools, like SolidWorks, powerful FEA electro-magnetic modeling programs like FEMM and FineMotor and a variety of acoustical modeling software. Designs are validated by using the Klippel equipment for measuring motor and suspension linearity and cone behavior. MISCO engineers freely share design ideas and improvements with customers to ensure project objectives are met.


Prototype and Testing

Prototype speakers are built by the same in-house MISCO team that manufactures speakers in production. This assures that manufacturing best practices are employed and the transition from engineering to manufacturing goes smoothly. Power testing provides further assurance that both, short term high power and long term durability requirements are met. The most complete set of Klippel equipment in North America is used to measure large signal linear parameters and enclosure vibrational losses. The new, Klippel, Near Field Scanner provides complete 3D sound plots in the near and far field.


Manufacturing and Quality Control

Once approved by the customer, we move the product into manufacturing with the same attention to detail with which the speaker was designed. Precision assembly fixtures and adhesive dispensing equipment are used along with strict process controls and documentation. MISCO uses Listen’s "SoundCheck" and Klippel’s QC Modules to assure that speakers MISCO ships meet the customer approved specifications.