Who We Are


Company Core Values

MISCO has been driven by Core Values which extend throughout our supply chain to our customers.

  • A relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction
  • High quality products and services
  • Mutual respect and trust with clear communications
  • Stability of both financial and human resources
  • U.S. based manufacturing

Mission Statement

To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and value through design, testing, measurement and manufacturing of loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems.

Quality Policy

“Everyone does better, when everyone does better. We meet customer needs, achieve quality goals and improve every day”.


Company History


Over the past six decades, MISCO has grown from a one man shop to the leading loudspeaker design, testing and manufacturing company in North America.

  • 1949  – Clifford Digre, a B-17 gunner during World War II, goes to the radio school in Minnesota and what begins as the repair of a scratchy radio speaker from his wife’s radio develops into the beginning of the Minneapolis Speaker Reconing Company.
  • 1956  – A customer asks Cliff Digre to design and manufacture an 8” speaker with the same high quality as his previously reconed speakers for a drive-in theater. The first order is a huge success. The line expands to automotive speakers and 12” speakers for hi-fi sets. MISCO begins to manufacture Red Line speakers.
  • 1980  – The company begins to focus on OEM sales servicing the growing drive-thru commercial sound industries building on its famous “Waterproof” designs.
  • 1990  – Dan Digre, Cliff’s son, takes over the responsibilities of company management as President of MISCO. MISCO expands into new markets such as aerospace, medical, and pro-audio.
  • 2001  – A new, expanded engineering and manufacturing facility is built in Minnesota. The new factory allows layout to maximize efficiencies in speaker manufacturing; MISCO expands its product line to include amplifiers and complete audio systems
  • 2015  – MISCO acquires Warkwyn, the most complete R&D audio lab in North America and moves it to Minnesota. The synergy created with Warkwyn puts MISCO into a unique position to serve the industry with the best and most extensive loudspeaker design, testing, and manufacturing capabilities in North America.
  • 2016 - MISCO acquires Oaktron from Mitek Corp and moves it to Minnesota.  This acquistion further expands MISCO's committment to USA manufacturing, expecially to expand capabilities and product offerings for its customers in military, aerospace and mass transit markets.