Whether your kiosks are digital signage or fully interactive touch-screens, you’ll greatly enhance their user experience with MISCO kiosk sound systems.

With MISCO, you add the dimension of full-range voice and music to your kiosks, providing directions, answers, motivation, attraction, even excitement. We draw on decades of experience building loudspeakers and sound systems for all kinds of challenging environments.

  • Endless possibilities: You can apply MISCO kiosk sound systems to just about any situation. For example, small sight-and-sound interactive, e-concierge kiosks in hotels – attracts guests to events and leisure opportunities.

  • Built for excitement: MISCO Sign-Sound systems, originally designed for casino gaming, attracts customers and creates involvement through thrilling sound.

  • Ready to assist, 24/7: MISCO kiosk sound systems are designed for high reliability anytime, anywhere, clearly communicating important information in applications such as transit stations, airports and parking ramps.

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