Feature Story

Announcing Oaktron by MISCO Product Pages


To better support existing Oaktron customers, and introduce new customers to Oaktron by MISCO, we've added a dedicated page along with Oaktron product search tools and downloadable Oaktron product spec sheets to our website. 

Earlier this year, we announced that MISCO had acquired Oaktron, Inc. with a plan to revitalize the brand. Oaktron has been rebranded as Oaktron by MISCO and given a fresh, new look.

Oaktron by MISCO will focus on supplying military, aerospace and mass transit markets. It is uniquely suited to develop and manufacture specialized speakers for unexpected and demanding applications.

We’re now pleased to open a window on the Oaktron by MISCO brand and product line via dedicated pages and search tools on our MISCO website.  Simply enter For additional information about Oaktron by MISCO or other MISCO products, email us at Or, call us at 612-825-1010.