Digre Positions His Father’s Legacy for Future Success


An Interview with MISCO's Dan Digre

SHANNON BECKER: Your father Cliff Digre founded MISCO. Tell us a little about him and why he started the company.

DAN DIGRE: My father founded what is known today as MISCO, a manufacturer of loudspeakers, audio systems, and related products serving dozens of markets and related industries. He was the kind of innovator who could make the most out of every situation, turning problems into business opportunities.

For example, in 1947, my mother bought a small radio with “horribly distorted” sound. When the problem turned out to be a bad speaker with a rubbing voice coil, my father—then a student at the National Radio School in Minneapolis—took it to a reconer in St. Paul to get it fixed. When the reconer lost the speaker and made excuses, my father went into business as Minneapolis Speaker Reconing.

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