MISCO and Elite Gaming Technology deliver advanced sound quality for gaming


MISCO, a leading US-based audio systems manufacturer and Elite Gaming Technology (EGT) have joined forces to create the EGT Sound BeamTM — an integrated sound module designed to deliver higher quality sound for gaming. 

The EGT Sound Beam packs a 2.1 (left, right, subwoofer) stereo sound system into a single structural component that’s only 20.3"L x 2.3"H x 4"D. The compact size is intended to allow more room in the game cabinet for the bigger CPUs and display processors required by today’s sophisticated casino games. 

MISCO president Dan Digre says that the Sound Beam system includes a custom driver array of six speakers, delivering the equivalent of a 5.25" subwoofer in a 2-inch space, driven by a high-efficiency Class D amplifer. Dan explains, "Your players will hear the wide range of game sounds, both music and effects more evenly, which will enhance their total gaming experience. Game developers can leverage the high delity performance of the EGT Sound Beam to deliver more sophisticated soundtracks in their games."  

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