MISCO product comparison 10 years ago to today


MISCO responded to medical device application requests by creating a 2.5” square speaker for voice and alarm tones. 

A decade ago in response to medical device application requests, MISCO provided a 2.5” square speaker for voice and alarm tones that function over a normal frequency range. Currently, medical device companies require the ability to closely listen to body sounds on an ultrasound system. MISCO has designed and manufactured a loudspeaker line array that reproduces this sound with higher definition, allowing the technician more accuracy in diagnosis. 

Just ten years ago, pro-audio specialists asked for a full-range speaker smaller than 8” round. MISCO produced a 5” round speaker, optimized for voice and paging. This speaker had a magnet weight of 10 oz. with a rated power of 15 watts. The basket was manufactured out of zinc plated steel. Today with increased demands in the Pro-Audio field, MISCO produces a 21” round subwoofer, with a magnet weight of 110 oz. and a rated power of 1,000 watts. This model (#WX21W-4A) offers a basket in cast aluminum, and is designed for the high power sub-woofer systems used in live entertainment. The suspension has dual opposed 8” flat spiders. Low distortion is achieved by an aluminum faraday ring and a T-pole yoke. 

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