Oaktron History

With beginnings in 1950 as an electronic component parts manufacturer, Oaktron Electronics launched Oaktron Industries in 1954.  With its factory in Monroe Wisconsin, Oaktron Industries produced speakers for the then burgeoning US radio and television manufacturing sector.

Left: Oaktron founder, Bill Rollins.
Right: Chet Erickson, Oaktron Chief Engineer, and Cliff Digre, MISCO founder, chat c. 1960.
By 1966 Oaktron employed 450 people and produced 28,000 speakers per day in sizes ranging from 3 ½” to 12”.  With much of the TV and Radio manufacturing having moved to Japan, US speaker manufacturing went into decline in the 70s.  In 1972 employee count and production numbers had halved. Oaktron’s traditional business dwindled, and all but disappeared by the start of the 80s.  While many US speaker manufacturers during this time were going out of business Oaktron survived by catering to the more specialized needs of military and aerospace customers. In 1990, Oaktron was acquired by Mitek to expand their US auto and consumer speaker manufacturing.  Under Mitek, Oaktron continued to build special applications speakers for the military and aerospace industries and added some mass transit customers.  Competitive pressure from China forced Mitek to move production of automotive and consumer speakers off shore.  In 2017 MISCO purchased Oaktron from Mitek. The addition of Oaktron’s business to MISCO’s position as supplier to military, aerospace and mass transit manufacturers makes the combination an even stronger leader in those markets.

Oaktron Capabilities

Oaktron is uniquely suited to meet the needs of audio equipment manufacturers in aerospace, military and mass transit industries. Our engineering and production capabilities support a wide array of speaker application requirements. For aerospace Oaktron makes lightweight designs that exhibit high intelligibility, using time tested materials for reliability, and to meet environmental standards. We offer specialized designs to meet the uniquely rigorous requirements of military applications. Our design and production capabilities provide speakers with tough and high durability for heavy stress applications and difficult environments.  Oakton also meets the special communication needs of mass transit.  Reliable and intelligible communication is an important safety and functional concern. Speakers designed and manufactured by Oaktron reproduce critical paging and safety announcements consistently and reliably under the most demanding conditions.  We have a long and proven history of developing and supplying highly specialized speakers designed specifically for unique and demanding applications.