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This quarterly blog takes you inside the technology of loudspeakers, enclosures, amplifiers, and more. It's written by engineers with decades of audio expertise. MISCO shares information, making it more understandable by providing insights and tips learned over MISCO's six decade history. We also invite you to join the conversation. After reading a post, please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question.


The Quality is Remembered Long After The Price is Forgotten

Sep 2016

It is important to consider quality as a component of real cost...When the hidden costs of poor quality are recognized, the benefits of designing for quality, adhering to a philosophy of quality at the source along with diligent in process and end of line testing become apparent. —Jason Reiff, Quality Manager, ASQ CMQ/OE

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Baffles and Enclosures

Jun 2015

Not all speakers work equally well in any enclosure. Learn about isolating and defining the low frequency sound energy that radiates off the backside of a loudspeaker. You’ll see the advantages of different types of enclosures, how to test them, and how to select which is best for creating the sound you want.

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Loudspeaker Power Rating

Feb 2015

One essential number to know in audio engineering is a loudspeaker’s power rating. You’ll learn about the different uses of a power rating, and how it can help you create a great-sounding and reliable audio system. We’ll also untangle rating standards and terminology with clear explanations and examples.

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Has loudspeaker design changed in 90 years?

Dec 2014

Loudspeaker design has come a long way since two GE engineers put coil and cone together in 1925. Today, speaker fundamentals are largely the same. But 21st century materials and computer technology (SPL, Vas, modeling, testing) have resulted in higher performance, higher reliability, and lower distortion—all at a lower cost.

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