What You Don’t Know About Quality Could Cost You

For many, quality is often an afterthought. The pressure to hit a cost target can drive vendor selection to the detriment of quality, ultimately resulting in higher actual cost.  A better understanding of modern quality fundamentals will help you improve production efficiency, customer satisfaction and ultimately your bottom line.  Please take a few minutes to watch this video.

Quality Fundamentals

To achieve quality requires forethought and diligence. Dedication to quality can actually reduce your total realized cost. 

  1. Design is where your quest for quality should begin. Speaker or speaker system design goals should include quality assurance processes and manufacturability.
  2. Quality at the source means strict adherence to engineering specifications from your vendor’s intake of materials, through every stage of manufacturing to final test and packaging.
  3. Companies with quality systems that are truly compliant with ISO 9001certification or similar standards are most likely organizationally focused on customer satisfaction, and continual improvement - in all aspects of their business

Excellent quality doesn’t have to cost you more. It’s proven that attention to quality and manufacturability in design can translate to lower real cost.