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MISCO & Mass Transit

  • Complete speaker, transformer, and baffle assemblies.
  • High intelligibility for paging and voice.
  • Customized paint and finishing.

Fulfilling the communication needs of people who run and use rail cars, buses, cabs, and other transit vehicles is an important safety and functional concern. MISCO provides complete speaker, transformer, and baffle assemblies to make sure that the communication comes off without a hitch. Paging with speakers designed and produced by MISCO offers clear communication within the oftentimes busy and noisy transit environment. Voice transmissions are clear whether in the transit vehicle, in the maintenance bay, or in the transmitters’ station. Aesthetically, MISCO’s production staff provides custom paint and finishing to make the speaker solution enhance travelers’ experience.

Made in the USA
Over 60 years of quality & reliability - designing and manufacturing loudspeakers in the U.S.A.
  • Increasing U.S. Content.
  • Cost Efficient – Lower Total Cost.
  • Easy Communications.
  • We understand Mass Transit audio applications - busy platforms, rail cars and buses.

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Feature Story

Mass Transit: Sound Advice for Mass Transit


Want to bring commuters back again and again? Make sure they can hear announcements clearly.

Commuters, whether in the station or on board, have to respond to announcements quickly and with confidence…

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