Mission-Critical Audio: Mil-Spec Solutions for Military Applications

A military vehicle stationed and ready.

•    High durability and reliability in the most extreme environments
•    High speech intelligibility when it matters most
•    Blast-resistant models available
•    Loudspeakers for submarines
•    Mil-spec and NSN models
•    Long-term product availability
•    Choice of US or Asian manufacturing

MISCO’s wide variety of high-reliability speaker solutions fit within the scope of military needs—whether in combat vehicles or in personal communication devices. MISCO’s design and production capabilities provide speakers with exceptional durability for heavy stress applications and the most extreme environments. Speakers that are built well and have long-term availability are essential for fulfilling the needs of the military personnel to communicate clearly. The benefits of MISCO’s engineering and high-quality production process are sturdy, clear loudspeakers with a long lifecycle.

MISCO can provide everything from individual speakers to system solutions including amplification, digital signal processing (DSP), enclosures, and wiring harnesses—ready to drop into your application. OEM clients may choose from available MISCO designs, or commission custom build-to-spec solutions, or have MISCO manufacture your build-to-print designs. Whichever path you choose, we will help you reach your performance standards and business objectives.

Building audio components and systems in the US* assures you of top quality, performance consistency, quick availability, and clear communications. Kanban stocking, flexible order sizes, and our extensive inventory support your manufacturing efficiency and ensure longer life cycles for your products.

*Offshore sourcing with the same signature MISCO performance and consistency is also available.


Ultimate Military-Grade Speaker: Lightweight,
Moisture-Resistant, and Powerful

An all-weather, lightweight speaker for military use, with moisture prevention and high power handling. Ideal for voice or alarm applications, this speaker's phenolic cone and plastic housing helps prevent moisture absorption. Especially useful in highly humid locations. A solid state piezo electric driver means it can reliably handle high power without burning out; also works great for audio systems in magnetic resonant imaging rooms as an MRI speaker.

  • Ultra-lightweight and ultra-thin
  • 100 Watts, program power
  • High impedance, approximately 1000 ohms.
  • Treated phenolic cone

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Military voice range speaker 4 inch square OEM model LS445/U


MISCO OEM, Part # LS445/U


MIL-Spec Speaker: Comm Panel Compatible, Rugged Design, Heat-Resistant Laminate

Meeting and exceeding MIL Specs, this speaker is designed to work in communication panels and can be surface or rear mounted. Its copolymer phenolic resins create an extremely stable and tough cone surface. A meta-aramid laminate form supports the voice coil. This rare laminate material is known to be one of the most heat-resistant materials made today. A powder-coated aluminum basket is its frame.

  • Die cast aluminum design
  • NSN 5965-008-923665
  • Built & tested; IAW MIL-DTL-12606
  • Phenolic impregnated cone and dust cap
  • Meta-aramid laminate, voice coil form

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A 6.125" OEM submarine speaker by MISCO Speakers - model LS-450/B.


MISCO OEM, Part # LS-450/B


Pressure-Proof Submarine Speaker: MIL-Spec, Wide Audio Range, Robust Construction

The MISCO LS-450/B pressure-proof submarine speaker was designed for use by the U.S. Navy and created to meet or exceed Military Specifications: MIL-L-24296A. Its audio output signal provides even response between 800 Hz - 2000 Hz (+/- 3 dB). It has a broad environmental tolerances and it may be used in tropical to frozen climates, both near freshwater or saltwater. It features brass and highly corrosion-resistant Monel* plated steel construction.

  • 10 Watts, program power with 96 SPL
  • Over two pounds of High Energy Plus (HE+) Alnico Magnets
  • National Stock # 5965-00583-4106
  • Built per MIL-L-24296A 
  • Highly corrosion-resistant brass & Monel steel body
  • Phenolic-impregnated cloth cone, surround, & cap

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