Outdoor & Theme ParkAn American amusement park ride.

•    High durability in the most extreme environments
•    High sensitivity and speech intelligibility
•    Ready-to-ship and custom designs
•    Choice of US or Asian manufacturing
•    Kanban stocking programs in the US and offshore for improved cash flow and efficiency

Theme parks and outdoor audio venues need maximum reliability even in extreme heat, cold, humidity, and aridity. MISCO’s decades-long experience in outdoor audio ensures you’ll get the performance and durability you need. From drive-in theaters, to zoos, state fairs, and concert amphitheaters, MISCO uses just the right materials and designs with the particular environment in mind to make the sound of the outdoor venue shine.

OEM clients may choose from available MISCO designs, or commission custom build-to-spec solutions, or have MISCO manufacture your build-to-print designs. Whichever path you choose, we will help you reach your performance standards and business objectives.

Building audio components and systems in the US* assures you of top quality, performance consistency, quick availability, and clear communications. Kanban stocking, flexible order sizes, and our extensive inventory support your manufacturing efficiency and ensure longer life cycles for your products.

*Offshore sourcing with the same signature MISCO performance and consistency is also available.