Bold North Audio MS10-W replacement woofer for Yamaha NS10

Make Your Yamaha NS-10s Sound Like New

The odds are great that your Yamaha NS-10 monitors don't sound the way they used to. Studio monitor woofers live an especially hard life. They are often pushed past their design limits for hours at a time. Voice coils singe and deform while suspensions fatigue. The net result is increased distortion, an audible change in timbre and outright failure. This unacceptable for an industry that relies on the consistency and reliability of its tools.

Even if your NS-10s work, the woofers should be replaced every few years to restore the sound that made it the de facto standard of near-field monitors. Unfortunately, Yamaha stopped producing parts several years ago, and replacement woofers are entirely unavailable.

The Cure: Bold North Audio's MS10-W

Introducing the most accurate reproduction of a Yamaha NS-10 woofer yet developed. Many have tried but none have succeeded in recreating the exact timbre of the woofer used in the most widely used studio monitor in history…until now.

MISCO’s goal in developing the MS10-W was not to improve upon the NS-10’s woofer performance but to exactly match its sound. Making a drop-in driver with a white cone is easy; getting a perfect sonic match is very difficult.

The proof that we succeeded is in the measurements and the listening.


On-axis frequency response measured with Klippel Near Field Scanner: Yamaha NS-10 black, BNA MS10-W blue, competitor “A” red

There is much more to the remarkable MS10-W.

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Part # 82110, Model # MS10-W
7.1" (181mm), 8 Ohm Square
Replacement Woofer for Yamaha™ NS-10™ Studio Monitor

Buy 2-9    $159.95

through November
in the continental United States

For best results replace both woofers at the same time


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Joe Zook Bold North NS-10 promo.jpeg

“Finally, someone did it! The NS-10 woofer has been resurrected! Thanks Bold North for your commitment to replicating as opposed to ‘improving.’ I have total confidence in my new MS-10s!”

Joe Zook
Mix Engineer, Los Angeles

Kevin Szymanski Mix Engineer.JPG.jpeg

“This isn’t just a white speaker, resembling the NS-10 woofer, it is exactly like a NS-10 woofer. I couldn’t be more pleased with the result!”

Kevin Szymanski
Producer, Mix Engineer - Nashville


“[Bold North Audio’s] dedication to faithfully sticking to the classic design that worked for years results in a replacement component that I trust and continue to use with my favorite speakers…”

Ross Newbauer
Mix Engineer, Los Angeles



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We are certain you will love your new MS10-W woofer. If you are not 100% satisfied, you may return your purchase within 30 days for a full refund. We will even pay for the return freight!