Streamline Your Prototyping: In-House Design and Fabrication by MISCO


All Under One Roof

Gain the benefit of reduced development time on your audio projects with MISCO's ready-to-build prototyping services.

MISCO engineers design each prototype in-house for our customers, with access to CNC metal and wood fabrication, along with 3D printers—allowing for quick model creation that helps engineers stay ahead in the design process. Each project can then be tested by state of the art Klippel technology, and moved to manufacturing as soon as they are ready—no need to wait on back and forth communication or complicated shipping paths to third-party companies.

Securing Intellectual Property 

As an all-in-one USA audio provider, MISCO goes beyond non-disclosure agreements when securing a prototype, including private engineering spaces and data security for customers. Cut out the time and cost of negotiating high-complexity security agreements between multiple parties, and ultimately keep valuable information safe.

For more information on how MISCO can protect your specific design ideas, CONTACT US.