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ToneSpeak™ guitar speakers are the result of years and years of the deep-dive for the perfect tone.  Decades of testing, field experience and conversations with elite tone-chasers have all been poured into these fine products.  When you play ToneSpeak, you play the best.

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A 12" Austin guitar speaker from ToneSpeak.Austin 1250

12" / 50 Watt 

Vintage American roots, improved with modern design and build techniques. 

Balance, punch, fullness, and clarity are at the forefront of this speaker.  The mids are tailored and even, enabling the articulation, openness, air, and a nice glassiness to shine through in the highs.  The tight, solid, and responsive lows round out the tone and perfectly balance the detail in the highs.  A very musical speaker optimized for the ever so popular Deluxe Reverb, but suitable anywhere you want pure American tone.


86035_01_NO.jpgNew Orleans 1250

12" / 50 Watt 

A ToneSpeak original hemp cone is the basis for this modern American tone. 

Hemp cone speakers have become popular for taming bright, harsh, ear-fatiguing amps and guitars.  The warm, woody, smooth, organic qualities of the material are heavily embodied in this speaker.  It’s full and defined in the lows, very natural in the mids, and warm, smooth, and creamy in the highs.  While a darker tone was desired here, the focus was to eliminate the associated muddiness.  This speaker retains good clarity and definition with the gain knob.  It’s the perfect speaker for both the Blues and for country chicken pickin’.

A 12" Birmingham guitar speaker from ToneSpeakBirmingham 1275

12" / 75 Watt

Classic British rock tone, inspired by tones from the ‘60s and ‘70s. 

This speaker has a personality all it’s own with balance from top to bottom and rich harmonic complexity.  Good punch and definition in the lows that won’t get flabby, a warm, throaty, and broad midrange, and nice grit and soaring articulation in the highs.

A 12" Liverpool guitar speaker from ToneSpeak

Liverpool 1275

12" / 75 Watt

A speaker truly worthy of The Crown! 

The Liverpool 1275 is the classic British rock tone, inspired by tones from the 80’s.  A complex, thick and vocal midrange cuts through the upper-register, while nice, full, lower-mid grunt completes the warm, gutsy, tight lows.  The highs, while clear, open and articulate remain warm and ear pleasing.

A 12" Manchester guitar speaker from ToneSpeak.Manchester 1290

12" / 90 Watt 

Cleaner, higher power British tone.

Even and balanced from top to bottom.  No sacrifice in tone for using higher power and/or higher gain with this speaker, it is crammed full of balance, definition, and most importantly, control. This speaker plays well with pedals and is slow to break up.