A DSP amplifier from MISCO.

MISCO Amplifiers: Powerful Performance

While our company roots lie in the speaker business, MISCO is much more than a speaker company today. We have expertise in the design, manufacturing, and testing of amplifiers and control electronics. Our capabilities include amplifiers, digital signal processing (DSP), passive and active crossovers, and graphical user interfaces (GUI). We employ advanced technologies such as high-efficiency Class D amplifiers and DSP control stages to bring you the best possible performance, flexibility, and convenience.    

We offer ready-to-ship amplifiers from simple low power amplifiers on a PCB, through in-chassis, multi-channel, DSP-controlled, high fidelity amps. For OEM customers we can provide built to spec, or designed from the ground up custom electronics solutions. Whatever your electronics needs, MISCO can deliver.  

MISCO Amps are available in a variety of configurations, with select power supply and upgrade options. Or request a custom solution that best suits your audio needs.