Delivering Audio Solutions: Efficient USA-Based Manufacturing

Our business model is simple: MISCO solves audio problems for other companies and builds those solutions into the products we manufacture. We provide top-quality audio products at competitive prices, with delivery times that meet our customer’s schedules. We put lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices to work throughout our operations to keep costs low: Kanban, PokaYoke, Kaizen, and 6S are active programs at MISCO.

Quality Craftsmanship

We believe that the engineering sample you approved will be exactly the same as the production products you receive. Our facilities handle all aspects of quality from DFMEA’s through Incoming QC, In-Process QC, and stringent final performance Outbound QC. Every MISCO speaker is individually tested and must meet rigorous requirements before it ships, whether made in the USA or Asia.

We’re always focused on producing high-quality, defect-free products. Our dedicated quality and continuous improvement teams ensure that our quality management system and the entire MISCO operation meet ISO9001-2015 standards to keep product quality high.



MISCO USA Design & Manufacturing Benefits

  • Faster Delivery, Shorter Runs – If your production facility is in North America, we can cut weeks off transit times.
  • Easier & Better Communication – Thanks to our Central Time zone location, MISCO is never more than two hours offset from our North American customers, not 12 hours. Our North American customers can talk to us when we are both mentally alert. And you won't suffer the language and cultural barriers that impede effective communication and the best outcomes.
  • Better Product Launches – Building a product (at least initially) where it was designed and prototyped ensures that the finished product you get is exactly what you want. Our engineers and production staff work as a unified team to manage design, process, and tolerances in real-time. Close coordination of that type is virtually impossible when thousands of miles separate design and production facilities.
  • IP Protection – MISCO is firmly committed to protecting our customers’ intellectual property rights. We respect the laws of all the nations in which we do business and hold ourselves to high ethical standards.
  • Project Speed & Agility – With MISCO’s unified design and manufacturing approach we can cut weeks off your time-to-market. Sales start sooner, and you'll get a jump on your competition.
  • Improved ROI & Cost Savings – With MISCO’s USA production you won't waste money on ocean freight, import duties, and expensive, time-killing travel.
  • Risk Reduction – USA production leads to shorter lead times and stable pricing (no exchange rate variability).

There are times when Asian speaker sourcing makes the most sense, such as when your production facility is in Asia. We provide manufacturing in Asia but with the same fanatical dedication to consistent quality—batch-to-batch, year-to-year. Production products will be identical to the engineering sample you approved. Our Asian facilities implement all quality protocols including incoming QC, in-process QC, and final performance outbound QC. Every MISCO speaker is individually tested and must meet rigorous requirements before it ships, whether made in the USA or Asia.

    The ISO 9001:2015 Certified badge.                  Made in Minnesota, the State of Innovation.               The USA Based badge.   The Manufacturers Alliance badge.