Bold North Audio
Precision testing of prototype speaker at MISCO

Klippel vibrational analysis helps MISCO develop higher performance speakers


The MS10 replacement speaker in-studio.

Seventy years ago Cliff Digre started MISCO. A son of Norwegian immigrants, his vision was bold—to challenge the established loudspeaker industry with more creative solutions and superior client service.  And it is our inspiration today in the creation of a new brand of component loudspeakers and audio systems – Bold North Audio.

Science Serving Music

Bold North Audio products aspire to be the most accurate and thoroughly engineered audio transducers available. Bold North Audio world-class performance is rooted in fundamental scientific research, careful materials selection, precision manufacturing and most of all, love of music. We harness cutting-edge Klippel vibrational analysis science to reveal the keys to superior audio performance.  While we rely heavily on objective science to lead us, we understand that most of all speakers need to tell the musical truth. Our engineers, musicians, and recording studio veterans are the final judges of when a design is worthy of the Bold North Audio logo.


The most accurate reproduction of the NS- 10TM Woofer 

Introducing Bold North Audio's MS10-W. Many have tried but none have succeeded in recreating the exact timbre of the woofer used in the most widely used studio monitor in history…until now.

MISCO’s goal in developing the MS10-W was not to improve upon the Yamaha NS-10’s woofer performance but to exactly match its sound. Making a drop-in driver with a white cone is easy; getting a perfect sonic match is very difficult.



The 29 mm neo-classic dome tweeter designed and assembled in the USA.

29 mm neo-classic dome tweeter designed and assembled in the usa

Designed by transducer engineers with decades of experience and built by highly skilled manufacturing personnel, this is the only dome tweeter in the market that is designed and assembled in the USA and fully Klippel Verified. The BDT-2901 (78036) tweeter is the result of listening to requests by engineers and audiophiles for a precision 29mm dome tweeter with a low cross-over point. Experience crisp high-end frequencies while maintaining an overall smooth performance, free of the metallic ping produced by titanium dome tweeters.



The carbon fiber cone, 4 inch mid-bass woofer for high end-systems from Bold North Audio.


The BMW-4001 (84071) has a rigid, but light weight carbon fiber cone along with an edge wound copper voice coil, combine for excellent transient response and an extended and controlled top end roll-off. The frame is heavy duty, aluminum die cast with venting below the flat spider and through the center of the magnet structure to avoid air turbulence and noise. This is a premium, well-crafted speaker designed to bring music to life.


An ultra-low distorion, 6.5 inch woofer for various cross-over points from Bold North Audio.


MISCO has taken the XBL² technology and executed with effectiveness and elegance in the BWX-6502 (82141), 6.5” woofer. By using a high energy neodymium ring magnet, a high BL is maintained while the magnet structure size and weight is minimized.  Yet the Klippel verified, linear X max (measured inductance, suspension, and BL) is a minimum of 9.5 mm.


A high efficiency XBL² 6.5 inch woofer from Bold North Audio.

Effectiveness and elegance in a XBL² 6.5" woofer

The keystone of a high-end woofer is the right balance between efficient excursion and low distortion. The Bold North Audio XBL2, BWX-6501 (82109) woofer uses a high energy neodymium ring magnet to produce a linear magnetic force displacement of over 10mm for a satisfying kick while listening. This is an ultra-low distortion woofer that allows for a wide range of cross-over points.


Carbon fiber Bold North Audio subwoofer for professional and high-end audio

Premium 6.5" carbon fiber cone woofer

A custom fabricated woven carbon fiber cone allows for a rigid piston and fast transient response.  The BWF-6503 (82130) is a stylish yet sturdy round cast aluminum basket provides easy front mounting in an enclosure. The carefully designed aluminum phase plug eliminates the need for the additional mass of a dust cap and reduces lateral wave energy interference which causes unwanted peaks and dips in the frequency response.


A stamped frame 8 inch subwoofer with clear and natural low frequencies from Bold North Audio.

8" stamped frame subwoofer with clear and natural low frequencies

With an EBP of 94, the BWF-8001 (82132) is ideal for ported systems. This unit is driven by a heavy-duty dual ferrite magnet and an overhung 4-layer coil. The cone is a Klippel optimized Abacá fiber cone with rubber surround. The stamped steel basket has additional depth below the spider for extra mechanical travel. Double lug, quick connect terminals for series or parallel wiring.


A 10 inch sub-woofer for high-end and professional audio from Bold North.


The BWF-1001 (82131) is a reliabe, high power handling and long throw sub-woofer from Bold North Audio. It achieves quality sound with a 4-layer copper voice coil in a dual ferrite magnet design. The cone is a proprietary treated cone for both enhanced damping and water resistance. A rubber surround provides both high compliance and stability for the suspension. Connection is made via gold plated, spring type connectors. Included is a rubber mounting gasket which both conceals screws and seals the driver when front mounted. 


A 10 inch subwoofer from Bold North Audio made for power and performance.

A Sturdy 10" Sub-woofer Built for Power and Performance

The BWF-1002 (82136) creates great low frequency output for professional and high-end audio applications. This product uses a dual ferrite magnet for long throw, sports a low resonance frequency for better bass performance, and operates at a 150 watt rated power handling. These characteristics, along with a hemp-fiber cone with a durable but light weight foam surround plus easy connecting gold plated spring terminals, enhance professional systems looking for a sub that is efficient, reliable, and consistent.