Bold North Audio
Precision testing of prototype speaker at MISCO

Klippel vibrational analysis helps MISCO develop higher performance speakers

Seventy years ago Cliff Digre started MISCO. A son of Norwegian immigrants, his vision was bold—to challenge the established loudspeaker industry with more creative solutions and superior client service.  And it is our inspiration today in the creation of a new brand of component loudspeakers and audio systems – Bold North Audio.

Science Serving Music

Bold North Audio products aspire to be the most accurate and thoroughly engineered audio transducers available. Bold North Audio world-class performance is rooted in fundamental scientific research, careful materials selection, precision manufacturing and most of all, love of music. We harness cutting-edge Klippel vibrational analysis science to reveal the keys to superior audio performance.  While we rely heavily on objective science to lead us, we understand that most of all speakers need to tell the musical truth. Our engineers, musicians, and recording studio veterans are the final judges of when a design is worthy of the Bold North Audio logo.

The first bold north audio product - the MS10-W

Introducing the most accurate reproduction of a YamahaTM NS-10TM woofer yet developed. Many have tried but none have succeeded in recreating the exact timbre of the woofer used in the most widely used studio monitor in history…until now.

MISCO’s goal in developing the MS10-W was not to improve upon the NS-10’s woofer performance but to exactly match its sound. Making a drop-in driver with a white cone is easy; getting a perfect sonic match is very difficult.