Uncompromised Reliability: MISCO's Signal and Alarm Device Solutions

A luxury home theater for high-end audio systems.In the world of security, the clarity and dependability of signal and alarm devices are of utmost importance. MISCO is a leading company in this industry, providing high-output audio solutions that guarantee unmistakable sound quality even in the most extreme environments. Our engineering and production teams take pride in delivering products that are reliable and perform well.

Tailored to Security Needs

MISCO offers comprehensive system solutions for the security sector, not just individual components. Our solutions include powerful speakers, advanced digital signal processing (DSP), sturdy enclosures, and efficient wiring harnesses. Each element of our solutions is designed to integrate seamlessly into your security applications and can be deployed immediately or tailored to meet your specific needs.

Design Flexibility and Manufacturing Excellence

Our OEM clients have a wide range of options available to them. They can choose from our ready-to-ship MISCO designs, request custom build-to-spec solutions, or manufacture their build-to-print designs. Regardless of your path, we ensure each leads to the desired performance standards and business objectives.

U.S. and Global Manufacturing Options

MISCO is committed to providing high-quality products with flexible options. Our manufacturing process is based in the United States, guaranteeing consistent performance, fast availability, and clear communication. Our Kanban stocking programs are designed to increase your manufacturing efficiency. We can accommodate flexible order sizes and maintain an extensive inventory to ensure that your product life cycles are extended. Our offshore sourcing also provides the same signature MISCO quality and consistency for global needs, ensuring you always receive the best, regardless of location.

Elevate Your Security Solutions with MISCO

For dependable and high-performing alarm devices and clear signals, choose MISCO. Interested in discussing a loudspeaker solution for your security or alarm system? Contact us today to begin the conversation.



This all-weather speaker is ideal for an outdoor voice communications device or one exposed to extreme moisture or temperature. This is a universal fit 2.5-inch speaker ideal for small enclosures and tight spaces.The high energy magnet delivers high levels of output for voice applications. The acrylic treatment helps ensure long life both indoors and out (when used inside a weatherized enclosure).

  • Voice range speaker
  • 2.5 inch (66 mm) basket diameter
  • 4 watts, 8 ohms, 88 dB SPL
  • 0.7 inch copper voice coil, aluminum former
  • Ferrite magnet, stamped steel basket
  • Acrylic treated cloth & cone

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Voice and alarm speaker 3.5 inch square OEM model C5-15-4873

3.5 Inch (89 mm) Alarm and Voice Speaker

MISCO OEM #C5-15-4873


This driver makes dependable, high-output sounds for harsh indoor and outdoor environments. A massive alnico magnet creates a loud and resonant response, while a unique and durable phenolic resin treatment seals its cloth cone and protects it from water, dust, and various chemicals. Choose the C5-15-4873 if you're looking for an alarm speaker designed to blast and last.

  • Low/midrange alarm speaker
  • 3.5 inch (89 mm) steel basket diameter
  • 3 watts, 3 ohms, 91 dB SPL
  • 4.6 Oz alnico magnet, phenolic resin treated cone
  • National Stock # 5965-00133-0694

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A voice range speaker assembly made for outdoor voice communications, signals/alarms, and transit audio systems. This model includes a 4-inch speaker with a 4.8 Oz ferrite magnet, a 0.75-inch aluminum voice coil, as well as an acrylic treated cone and a pre-mounted aluminum grill for added environmental protection against moisture, heat, and wind.

  • Voice range speaker
  • 4 inch (100 mm) steel basket diameter
  • 10 watts, 8 ohm, 94dB SPL
  • 0.75 inch aluminum voice coil, Kapton former
  • 4.8 Oz magnet, environmental-resistant cone treatment
  • 6.5 x 4.7 inch aluminum grill, black powder coat

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