Driving Supply Chain Excellence: Logistical Strategies to Fit Your Needs

A semi-truck delivering products to and from MISCO.

Designing and building the best audio products is not enough for MISCO. We understand that our OEM customers require products delivered in the right place, at the right time, and at the right cost. Our accredited project managers work closely in partnership with our customers and vendors to manage the supply chain from initial PO to on-time delivery.


Our supply chain values and services include:

Efficient Logistics

  • We coordinate efforts between customers, suppliers, and everyone else in the supply chain to ensure success
  • We choose raw material and manufacturing suppliers carefully to ensure sustainable supply over many years
  • We identify and communicate to our customers any potential risks with the goal of mitigating them

Strategic Globalization Sourcing

  • We source our raw materials and parts in the USA and around the globe to find the best quality and most efficient supply chain
  • We choose our vendors carefully, never asking them to perform outside of their core competencies
  • We manufacture finished goods in the USA and Asia—wherever it makes the most sense for your needs     

Ongoing Performance Analysis and Improvement

  • We regularly measure the performance of every partner in the supply chain (including ourselves) with the goal of fostering constant improvement
  • We benchmark performance against best practices and industry norms

Inventory Management Programs to fit your needs

  • We offer KanBan programs to support either next-day shipping or short lead-time delivery
  • We offer custom VMI programs to maximize your cash flow