Precision Audio Engineering: MISCO's State of the Art Capabilities

A MISCO engineer setting up a measurement test of a new speaker.

Your Access to MISCO's Industry Veterans

MISCO’s engineering staff is made up of industry veterans with expertise in magnetic modeling, transducer and acoustical simulations, testing, analysis, and system design. 

What Capabilities Do You Get?

MISCO engineers custom design all types of loudspeakers, from 1" to 21", from deep to shallow designs, from 1 ohm to 1,000 ohms. We design, manufacture, and assemble transducers, multiple speaker configurations, complete enclosures, and amplified systems for a wide variety of uses and environments. We explore concept and feasibility, then design loudspeakers to exact performance specifications, all so that when you need an application with audio equipped, it performs the you want it to every single time.

  • Every part has a solid model and detail drawings. Native CAD language is SolidWorks; we can translate to/from almost any solid model software.
  • We can design and supply total systems including enclosures and amplifiers, or make recommendations for optimal performance.
  • In addition to standard acoustic and impedance measurements, we can create custom test protocols using LMS, SoundCheck by Listen, and a lab of Klippel analyzers including the revolutionary Klippel Near Field Scanner.
  • Prototype speakers mounted into functional enclosures using rapid prototype parts to speed development and increase confidence before releasing tooling
  • Our fully automated power test chamber can test individual speakers over 1,000 watts and has 8 channels of voltage, current, and temperature monitoring with data logging. Signals can be industry standard noise or tone signals, or we can use customer supplied WAV files for exact correlation to the application.


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