Quality Without Compromise: Unmatched Audio Product Consistency

A MISCO quality engineer running a test sweep of a newly built speaker.

Designing and building quality audio products is not enough!

MISCO has successfully implemented, registered, and maintained ISO9001:2015 compliance. This process controls every aspect of our operation from a Production Order through Final Document control. Our quality assurance team utilizes a variety of tools, such as Value Stream Mapping to improve efficiency and effectiveness of the process.

MISCO utilizes Six Sigma concepts throughout the organization and includes Lean Manufacturing principles to keep value high and costs low for customers. Ongoing quality initiatives continually measure and improve: incoming material quality assurance, on-time delivery, safety, and end of line testing.

Each Product is Quality Assured

Your project deserves robust Quality Assurance procedures and equipment. While many contract manufacturers are notorious for unauthorized parts substitution and inconsistent performance, MISCO goes to extreme lengths to ensure that the products we ship maintain high quality and specified performance batch after batch, year after year.

We implement all quality protocols from DFMEA’s through incoming QC, in-process QC, and final performance outbound QC. Every MISCO speaker is individually tested and must meet rigorous requirements before it ships. MISCO goes way beyond simple one-second sweeps at the end of the production line.  Using state-of-the-art end-of-line testing tools like Soundcheck and Klippel QC we guarantee unit-to-unit, batch-to-batch, and year-to-year product consistency. We measure such things as frequency response, sensitivity, Qts, Fo, Thd, 2nd and 3rd harmonic distortion, polarity and things you may not even be able to hear, like high harmonic rub and buzz.  These attributes can be reported to our customers in the form of Cpk (Process Capability Index​​​​​​) to assure specifications are met and centered.

All of this is done to assure you that every MISCO, Oaktron, and Bold North product delivers full value and expected performance every time.

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