Oaktron by MISCO: Ready-to-Ship Innovative Speaker Solutions

Oaktron by MISCO is a complete line of high-performance, ready-to-ship transducers for a wide variety of applications including high fidelity, musical instrument, aerospace, paging, and many more. From lightweight to heavy duty, from compact to massive, from elegantly simple to highly specialized designs for unique and demanding applications, there is an Oaktron loudspeaker perfectly suited for your needs.

Oaktron is one of the oldest and most revered brands of US component loudspeakers. Founded in 1954, the company was a leader in producing speakers for televisions, radios, automobiles, and musical instrument amplifiers in their Wisconsin factory.  Later, Oaktron focused on the aerospace, military and mass transit segments, each of which required innovative engineering solutions, such as speakers that could perform hundreds of feet under the ocean and miles above the earth. Over the decades, Oaktron developed thousands of speaker designs, many of which are still in demand and production today as Oaktron by MISCO products.

Oaktron by MISCO speakers are protected with a three-year limited warranty!