Unmatched Sound Assessment: MISCO's Critical Listening Facility


Helmholtz Perception Studio 

At MISCO, we believe that each audio project must meet our customer’s objective and subjective expectations. Our new listening facility judges both. 

The Helmholtz Perception Studio is MISCO’s purpose-built listening space, made as a “room within a room” for noise isolation from other building activities. This creates a comfortable and quiet environment for our design and engineering team and our customers to assess the practical results of each audio design.

Choose to run separate tests to discover how your products fare under critical analysis. Gain access to double-blind assessments, along with a full Klippel RnD and QC system with a speaker switching mechanism. This is particularly useful for real-time improvements of enclosures, cross-overs, or DSP.

Eyring Reverberation (Critical Listening).jpgDeliberate design choices support the foundational goal of the Helmholtz Perception Studio. Each partition within incorporates a dual 5/8ths gypsum construction mounted on resilient clips for optimum isolation and air space. A final dual-layer partition also extends to the height of the building deck in all directions, allowing the perception studio to achieve a Noise Criteria (NC) of < 25 – a value typical of broadcast and recording studios, regardless of adjacent office or factory noise. To further enhance noise isolation, the studio uses an acoustical lock system and acoustically rated doors for the entrance/exit.

Room ISO.jpgThe studio’s interior acoustics are modeled with Enhanced Acoustic Simulator for Engineers (EASE) to assess room reverberation and incorporate a geometry to alleviate standing waves, distracting reflections, and modal problems. There are no parallel partition surfaces within this space. An even distribution of absorptive clouds, acoustical absorptive, and diffusive wall panels bring the room reverberation below one second – enough to simulate a typical home listening experience.