A customer phone-call with a MISCO employee.  A MISCO factory line builder assembling a new speaker.

“Everyone does better when everyone does better. We meet customer needs, achieve quality goals and improve every day”.


Why Do Business With Us

MISCO designs and manufactures high-performance audio solutions for our customers by utilizing the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 65 years. We manufacturer in the USA under a strict quality system registered to ISO9001:2015. Domestic production offers distinct advantages to OEM’s / ODM’s including quick and accurate communications, lower total costs and shorter lead times. Using the same stringent quality system we also manufacture in Dong Guan China for customers that require products delivered to Asian facilities.

Working closely with customers we provide solutions using either "off-the-shelf" products, or design and manufacture the right speaker to meet the design performance goals.

We provide:

  • Drivers / Transducers sizes from 1” to 21” for any type from tweeters to sub-woofers for any application from pro-audio, high-end consumer or embedded audio in OEM products.
  • Enclosures can be designed and manufactured by MISCO to meet the exact system requirements and combined with MISCO drivers to generate optimal audio performance.
  • Amplifiers from one to multi-channel with or without DSP are available, either "off-the-shelf" or custom designed to meet a customer‘s specific requirements.
  • Turn-Key audio solutions by MISCO, including speakers, enclosures, and amplifiers are the best way to assure optimal performance.
  • Acoustic testing and analysis capabilities for drivers or complete systems.

Company Core Values

MISCO has been driven by Core Values which extend throughout our supply chain to our customers.

  • A relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction
  • High-quality products and services
  • Mutual respect and trust with clear communications
  • Stability of both financial and human resources
  • U.S. based manufacturing

Mission Statement

To achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction and value through design, testing, measurement, and manufacturing of loudspeakers and loudspeaker systems.

Quality Policy

“Everyone does better when everyone does better. We meet customer needs, achieve quality goals and improve every day”.

ISO-9001-2015 Certification                                           The USA Based company badge.