Amplify Your Passion: MISCO's Mastery in Musical Instrument Transducers

U.S. Soldier modeling uniformMISCO understands the importance of every single note. That's why we have designed our transducers to provide a personalized frequency response, capturing the essence of your unique sound. Our range of products includes premium materials like alnico, ferrite, and neodymium magnets paired with seamed paper cones to deliver the perfect resonance. Whether you prefer the warm tones of vintage designs or the unmistakable sound of modern technology, we have got you covered.

Tailored Solutions: Ready-to-Ship and Custom Designs

We offer a range of models that are ready to be shipped, or you can choose to have a custom creation made. Our team is experienced in crafting tailored solutions to meet and exceed your musical vision. Our transducers are the core of your musical expression, whether for guitars, keyboards, or any other instrument.

Manufacturing Flexibility: US or Asian Production

Your satisfaction is our priority. Choose between US-based manufacturing for quick turnaround and clear communication or cost-effective Asian production lines, both adhering to MISCO's high-quality standards.

Kanban Stocking: Streamlining Your Production

Our Kanban stocking program is designed to optimize cash flow and manufacturing efficiency by ensuring a constant supply of components, reducing lead times, and supporting longer product life cycles. This program is available in the US and offshore.

Your Path to Exceptional Audio

At MISCO, we offer a range of options to help OEM clients achieve acoustic excellence. Whether you choose from our existing designscommission custom build-to-spec solutions, or opt for build-to-print manufacturing, we are committed to helping you meet your performance standards and business objectives with high-quality audio components.

Elevate Your Instruments with Superior Sound

Are you looking to enhance the audio quality of your musical instruments? Contact MISCO for transducers that deliver unmatched performance and reliability, bringing your musical aspirations to life.


An isometric view of the NS-10 replacement tweeter from Bold North Audio - 78036.

1 Inch (29 mm) Soft Dome, Neo-Classic Tweeter

Bold North Audio # 93124


The Neo-Classic BDT-2901 (78036) tweeter is the answer to requests from audio engineers and audiophiles for a precision 29mm dome tweeter with a low cross-over point. Ideal for use in a two-way system paired with a 6.5 inch or 8 inch woofer. A large rear chamber and damped center core combine with inductance-reducing copper caps to provide one of the broadest frequency ranges available in a soft dome tweeter. 

  • High energy neodymium ring magnet for high sensitivity in dual woofer designs
  • Copper pole cap for low inductance and extended high frequency
  • Large rear chamber for low resonance and lower cross-over point
  • 29mm silk dome diaphragm by Kurt Mueller
  • 8 ohms, 91 dB SPL
  • Designed and assembled in the USA

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A square-framed 3 Inch (77 mm), 4 Ohm Mini-Woofer part number 93025

3 Inch (77 mm), 4 Ohm Mini-Woofer

Oaktron by MISCO # 93025


A lightweight mini-woofer designed for a variety of indoor and outdoor audio applications, including gaming, music, and medical devices. This 4 ohm, 3 inch driver includes a 2.5 Oz neodymium ring magnet, a 0.8 inch aluminum voice coil, and a flat polypropylene cone with a rubber surround for moisture and environmental resistance.

  • Mini-woofer
  • 3 inch (77 mm) steel basket diameter
  • 20 watts, 4 ohms, 84 dB SPL
  • 0.8 inch aluminum voice coil, Kapton former
  • 2.5 Oz neodymium ring magnet
  • Flat polypropylene cone, rubber surround

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Bold North Audio MS10-W - The First Accurate Sonic Match to the Iconic Yamaha Woofer.

The Yamaha™ NS-10M™near-field monitor loudspeaker is an icon in the recording industry. It is the de-facto standard in both professional and home recording studios worldwide. Unfortunately, the product has been discontinued and Yamaha-made replacement parts are no longer available.

  • Seamed paper cone for accurate reproduction of the NS10-M woofer timbre 
  • Klippel Verified - designed and 100% tested with state-of-the-art Klippel measurement tools
  • Edge-wound copper voice coil
  • 90dB sensitivity
  • Black powder-coated steel basket

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