Embedded Audio

Putting Sound Into Your ProductA public kiosk made for transactions and location information.

  • Turnkey or component audio systems that can work in a wide range of products: Kiosks, digital signage, exercise equipment, games, industrial systems
  • Our engineers support your engineers with full SolidWorks CAD modeling and prototypes
  • Your choice of US or Asian manufacturing to add your logistincs

Add voice, music or simple audio tones into your equipment. We provide speakers, enclosures, amplifiers, grilles – everything you need to have audio in your product. Whether you need voice, full range music, or simple audio tones indoors or outdoors, MISCO has a solution for you.  We draw on decades of experience helping companies add and improve audio systems in a wide range of products.


A 3.3 inch USB voice range speaker enclosed with an amplifier from MISCO.

3.3" USB Voice Range Speaker Enclosed with Amplifier

Misco OEM Part # 70094


A treated cone and a high-power neodymium magnet within a plastic enclosure make this an environmentally resistant, all-in-one product. That, paired with a built-in mono power amplifier, provides amplified sound right out of the box.

  • Voice Range Speaker
  • 3.3” (83 mm) Diameter
  • 4 Watts, 8 Ohms
  • High Power Neodymium Magnet
  • USB-Powered Mono Power Amplifier
  • Low Distortion
A 2 inch oval-shaped wide range speaker from MISCO.

2" x 3.5" Race-Track, Wide Range Speaker

Misco OEM Part # 90ON08-1WP


This race-track speaker fits full range sounds into narrow spaces. The cone balances its size restrictions with a maximized surface area to maintain high quality output. A set of polarized terminals reduce connection errors and simplify system assembly. 

  • Wide Range Speaker
  • 2 x 3.5" (51 x 89 mm) basket diameter
  • 7 watts, 8 ohms, 88 dB SPL
  • 0.75" copper voice coil, paper former
  • Neodymium magnet, stamped steel basket
  • Paper cone, cloth surround
A 2 channel, 100 watt, enclosed amplifier with volume control from MISCO.

2 Channel, 100W, Enclosed Amplifier with Volume Control

MISCO OEM Part # 93103


A 100 watt, class-D, two channel amplifier wrapped in an aluminum enclosure, with compact design for quick and easy installation into your products that require decisive amplification. Input options include a 3.5mm audio-in jack, 2.1mm barrel DC power, and an added 2x2 MFJ for direct line-in connections for audio and power. 

  • 50W x 2 class-D amplifier
  • Stereo analog input connections
  • Master volume control
  • Sound enhancement (jumper selectable)
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure
  • Ground noise rejection filtering on inputs