Running a Lean Machine

Our business model is simple: MISCO solves audio problems for other companies. We provide top-quality, audio products at competitive prices, with delivery times that meet our customer’s schedules. We put lean manufacturing and continuous improvement practices to work throughout our operations to keep costs low: Kanban, PokaYoke, Kaizen and 6S are active programs at MISCO.


Manufacturing with Quality Control

We believe that the engineering sample you approved will be exactly the same as the production products you receive. Our facilities handle all aspects of quality from DFMEA’s through Incoming QC, in Process QC and stringent final performance Outbound QC. Every MISCO speaker is individually tested and must meet rigorous requirements before it ships, whether made in the USA or China.

We’re always focused on producing high-quality, defect-free products. Our dedicated quality and continuous improvement teams ensure that our quality management system and the entire MISCO operation, meet ISO9001-2008 standards to keep product quality high.