Testing capability is an essential part of designing and manufacturing loudspeakers and audio systems. MISCO’s capabilities are extensive and include the most up to date equipment and test methodology available. The unique Klippel measurement tools allow design engineers to see vibrational behavior on a microscope level while operating under large signal, real world conditions.


The MISCO testing tools and capabilities, include:

  • Klippel Near Field Scanner which measures the 3D sound radiation pattern of a speaker system, without the need for an anechoic chamber. This is particularly effective for finished speakers, from portable Bluetooth to large professional sound reinforcement systems.
  • Klippel Scanning LASER Vibrometer (SCN) to help visualize the vibrational and acoustical behavior of transducers, enclosures, baffles and other parts throughout the audio range.
  • Klippel LPM (Small Signal measurements) and LSI (Large Signal measurements) modules which measure linear, non-linear and thermal parameters and 3D displacement as well as complete distortion testing. Testing can also be performed in a vacuum chamber, which is very helpful when measuring small transducers such as micro-speakers and microphones.
  • Suspension Part Measurement (SPM) measures cone surround and spider linear and non-linear movements, while Material Parameter Measurements (MPM) include information, such as, Young's Modulus.
  • SoundCheck by Listen, Inc. accurately measures loudspeaker distortion data such as: Total Harmonic (Thd), Intermodulation (IM) and 2nd and 3rd Harmonics.
  • True Technologies' automated Life Test measures power handling for both long-term and short term durability and reliability.


For customers who need testing of their own audio products, or, wish to purchase Klippel test equipment – We Can Help.

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