Who is MISCO?

The Speaker Experts

MISCO designs and manufactures hundreds of different speakers for every audio application. Choose your drivers, customize to fit your project, and build the perfect sound system.

All-In-One USA Audio Provider

MISCO is the only audio manufacturer in the country that provides product design, prototyping, and testing under the same roof—a complete end-to-end experience. Receive better communication, finish projects faster, and ensure your finished product is exactly what you want.

MISCO Product Lines

OEM Systems

Drop-in system solutions, optimal audio pairings

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Oaktron by MISCO



High performance, ready-to-ship component speakers

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MISCO Amplifiers



High-performance single and multi-channel digital amplifiers 

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Bold North Audio



The most accurate, thoroughly engineered audio transducers

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Loudspeaker Insights


Explaining the Loudspeaker Design Process

Designing a high-quality, long-lasting loudspeaker system that produces application-specific...

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Laser Scanning still.png

How Laser Scanning is Used in Loudspeaker Production [VIDEO]

A lot of time and energy is required when designing a loudspeaker. The manufacturer must ensure...

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How Speaker Sensitivity, Wattage, and Distance Impact Audio Quality & Loudness

A speaker's wattage is not exactly the same as how loud it gets. It's related, but there's more to it. Watts...

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"Only MISCO offers USA and off-shore speaker driver and amplifier manufacturing combined with full turnkey service from product design to delivery, and every step in between. From sophisticated custom audio systems to 'off-the-shelf' speaker drivers, MISCO has been saving our customers time, effort, and money for 70 years."