Drive-Thru & Kiosk 

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  • High durability in the most extreme environments
  • High sensitivity and speech intelligibility
  • Available as unenclosed speakers or enclosed in durable plastic housing
  • Amplifiers and amplified speakers available!

A consistent outdoor drive-thru system needs durable, well constructed speakers that produce clear sound even in extreme heat, cold, humidity, and aridity. MISCO’s decades-long experience in outdoor audio ensures that you receive the best solution to fit your environment's conditions, and allows your services to continue uninterrupted throughout the day.

OEM clients may choose from available MISCO designs, commission custom build-to-spec solutions, or have MISCO manufacture your build-to-print designs. Whichever path you choose, we will help you reach your performance standards and business objectives.





A 3" waterproof from

3" (77 mm), 8 Ohm
Voice Range Speaker

Misco OEM Part # DC3WP


The DC3WP is a durable, temperature resistant driver made for outdoor intercoms and other voice communication applications. High sensitivity output, and easy soldering and hook-up to your wire harness. A complete waterproof treatment also ensures it outlasts the elements in a variety of environments. 

  • Voice Range Speaker
  • 3” (77 mm) Diameter
  • 6 Watts, 8 Ohms
  • -67°F (-55°C) to +185°F (+85°C)
  • Acrylic Treated Cloth Cone, Waterproof
  • 87 dB SPL
A 4" enclosed waterproof speaker from

4" Waterproof Enclosed Menu Board Speaker

Misco OEM Part # 90274


A high output wide-range speaker built with environmental protection. Enclosed in a stress-free plastic enclosure with mounting brackets, and mounted with a protective PVC screen with foam.

  • Wide range speaker
  • 4" (102 mm) basket diameter
  • 25 watts, 8 ohm, 94 dB SPL
  • Polypropylene cone and dust cap
  • Plastic enclosure with PVC screen with foam attached
  • Adjustable steel mounting brackets
A 5" two-way horn from

5.5" (140 mm) Two-Way Horn Speaker

MISCO OEM Part #88104-B


Powerful and efficient audio for two-way communications. This specialty horn speaker uses a weather and corrosion resistant design and high durability materials to remain dependable and understandable longer than other speakers. Choose this driver if you need specialized, high-quality, and reliable sound. 

  • 5.5" (140 mm) diameter
  • Voice range horn speaker, 8 ohms
  • 107 dB SPL @ 1 Watt, 1 Meter
  • 40 watts, 1 Octave at 2 kHz, averaged; 123 dB max SPL
  • ABS plastic horn bell & assembly
  • Phenolic diaphragm, ferrite magnet
  • Black anodized aluminum heat sink
  • Stainless steel screws
  • 2 conductor, 18 AWG stranded, inner & outer PVC insulations