Medical Alert Speakers

An ultrasound medical procedure.

Special Pandemic Message for Ventilator and Medical Equipment Manufacturers:

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, many of you are ramping up production to meet the urgent need for ventilators and other clinical devices. MISCO can help. We can quickly ship to anywhere in the world small or large orders for medical alert/alarm and monitor speakers. Call us (800) 276-9955 or REQUEST A QUOTE


MISCO delivers the highest level of proven reliability and consistency of speakers designed for the medical equipment industry. Applications include alert/alarm for respiratory ventilators, patient monitors, ultrasound, and voice communications. We can build to order to meet your exact specifications with fast turnaround, and ship to anywhere in the world. 

MISCO’s design and production capabilities make it possible to meet the complete audio system needs of any piece of equipment. We provide everything from individual speakers to system solutions. This includes amplification, digital signal processing (DSP), enclosures, and wiring harnesses—ready to drop into your console and meet your standards of clinical excellence and long-term availability.

Building audio components and systems in the US* assures you of top quality, performance consistency, quick availability, and clear communications. Our Kanban stocking, flexible order sizes, and extensive inventory support your manufacturing efficiency ensuring a longer life cycle for your products.

*Offshore sourcing with the same signature MISCO performance and consistency is also available.


A 2" oval medical speaker from

2" x 3.5" (50 mm x 90 mm) Medical Ventilator Alarm Speaker

Misco OEM Part # REN23S-8A


The REN23S-8A is an 8-ohm medical ventilator speaker ideal for signal/alarm applications. A neodymium magnet, a slim steel frame, and a 10" lead set allow easy-installation within restricted spacing, all while remaining sturdy and dependable to deliver reliable signals from your clinical devices.

  • 2" x 3.5" (50 mm x 90 mm) diameter
  • Voice communications speaker
  • 8 ohms, 6 watts, 82 dB SPL
  • 0.75" voice coil, 10" lead set
  • Neodymium magnet, steel basket
  • Paper cone & surround

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A 2" wide range medical speaker from

2" (50 mm) Two-Ear Football Shaped, Wide Range Speaker

MISCO OEM Part # 50FF08-SH


This is a universal fit 2" (50 mm) shielded speaker. Designed for voice and wide range audio, this speaker has an amazingly flat response! It is ideal for small enclosures or line arrays. Its HE-shielded ferrite magnet helps deliver clear, clean voice audio. It features a two-hole mount design for ease of front or rear flush mounting.

  • Wide range speaker
  • 2" (50 mm) basket diameter
  • 3 watts, 8 ohms, 84 dB SPL
  • 1" copper voice coil, paper former
  • Shielded ferrite magnet, stamped steel basket
  • Paper cone, cloth surround

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A 2" medical voice range speaker from

2" (50 mm) Clear Mylar, Voice Range Speaker

MISCO OEM Part # 50SA08M


This all-weather speaker is ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. It is often used in entry intercoms and easily fits into small enclosures and tight spaces. It is also suited for equipment alarms where repeated tones require durability. Its Alnico V, HE+ magnet helps deliver high levels of clear communication. Its mylar cone design helps prevent moisture absorption, especially useful in highly humid locations. 

  • Voice range speaker
  • 2" (50 mm) basket diameter
  • 1 watt, 8 ohms, 88 dB SPL
  • 0.6" copper voice coil, paper former
  • Shielded alnico magnet, stamped steel basket
  • Mylar cone & surround

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