Mission-Critical Audio: Tailored Mil-Spec Solutions for Military Applications

U.S. Soldier modeling uniformMISCO specializes in providing high-quality audio solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of military environments. Our speakers are known for their exceptional reliability and durability and are engineered to ensure clear communication in even the most critical situations where speech intelligibility is of utmost importance.

Comprehensive Range for Diverse Military Needs

We provide a wide range of products, including blast-resistant models and specialized loudspeakers for submarines to cater to various military applications. Our Mil-spec and NSN-certified models ensure compliance with stringent military standards, demonstrating our commitment to quality and long-term support.

Advanced System Solutions for Military Operations

MISCO offers comprehensive audio system solutions beyond individual speakers. Our solutions include advanced amplification, custom enclosures, digital signal processing, and wiring harnesses. We customize our solutions to meet the specific needs of your military application, whether you prefer our existing designs or require build-to-spec solutions. Our US manufacturing process ensures top-notch quality and consistent performance with quick availability. We maintain the same high standards synonymous with MISCO in our offshore sourcing options as well.

Supporting Military Efficiency and Objectives

We offer a wide range of products that are designed to make your manufacturing process more efficient and extend the life cycles of your products. Our inventory is extensive, and we use a Kanban stocking system to ensure that we always have the items you need in stock. We can accommodate flexible order sizes to meet your needs. Our goal is to work with you to understand your performance standards and business goals so that we can provide solutions that not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Elevate Your Military Applications with Superior Sound

Looking for a military-grade audio solution? Contact MISCO today to discuss your requirements for unparalleled performance, durability, and reliability.



Military voice range speaker 4 inch round OEM model MP-1103

4 Inch Piezoelectric, Wide Range Speaker

Oaktron by MISCO # 93124


The MP-1103 is now available for customers looking for individual packaging. This all-weather, ultra-lightweight speaker is ideal for voice or alarm applications. Designed for the military, it is so lightweight it can be worn. The phenolic cone and plastic housing helps prevent moisture absorption, especially useful in highly humid locations.  Its solid state piezo electric driver means it can reliably handle high power without burning out; also works great for audio systems in magnetic resonant imaging rooms as an MRI speaker.

  • 100 watts, program power
  • High impedance, approximately 1000 ohms.
  • Includes screw-down grille with built in windscreen
  • Structural corrosion-proof plastic structure
  • Treated phenolic surround
  • The only piezo speaker manufactured in North America

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A 4 inch cloth cone impregnated with phenolic resin, with a 2 watt power rating and an 8 ohm impedance.

4 Inch Mil-Spec, Voice Communication Speaker

Oaktron by MISCO Part # 93123


The LS445/U is now available for customers looking for individual packaging. This ruggedized voice-range speaker was designed for TOUGH DUTY military communications.

  • Die cast aluminum design
  • NSN 5965-008-923665
  • Built & tested; IAW MIL-DTL-12606
  • Phenolic-impregnated cone and dust cap
  • Meta-aramid laminate, voice coil form
  • Includes separate rubber gasket and steel front screen

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A 6 Inch OEM submarine speaker by MISCO Speakers - model LS-450/B.

6 Inch (156 mm) 16 Ohm, 5 Watt, Submarine Speaker

MISCO OEM Part # LS-450/B


The MISCO LS-450/B loudspeaker is a permanent magnet dynamic audio transducer designed for clear speech communication between a submarine’s interior and the bridge or escape hatch. This versatile device can also serve as a microphone in two-way conversations. Its robust construction allows it to operate seamlessly in various pressure conditions, from atmospheric to high pressure, at submarine operating depths. Furthermore, the unit features a resilient silicone rubber encapsulation for the moving voice coil assembly, providing comprehensive protection against normal sea exposure and freezing spray conditions.

  • 10 Watts, program power with 96 SPL
  • Over two pounds of High Energy Plus (HE+) Alnico Magnets
  • Highly corrosion-resistant brass & Monel steel body
  • Phenolic-impregnated cloth cone, surround, & cap
  • Copper-wound Lamitex voice coil
  • Output as a microphone - 0.1 volts with 16 ohms load and 100 dB sound pressure level 775-125 cps

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