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MISCO is the only US loudspeaker company with the expertise and resources to meet your every need. Whether you need a custom audio solution designed from the ground up, or an "off-the-shelf" speaker, you’ve come to the right place. We design, engineer, prototype, test and build everything, from drivers to amplified multi-channel audio systems, at our Minneapolis location. Need delivery in Asia? We also manufacture in Dong Guan, China. Pro and commercial sound, consumer audio, musical instrument, aerospace, medical and gaming companies, from around the world, rely on MISCO as their "go to" resource for drivers and speaker systems. Let MISCO be your sound partner too.

Design and Manufacturing

The MISCO engineering group can work with you to design and develop loudspeaker systems, as well as individual drivers and amplifiers. MISCO uses the latest modeling software to integrate driver, crossover and enclosures to simulate a total system performance. You get a very accurate idea of how your speaker will perform before it is even built.

Test and Measurement

Complete and accurate testing and measurements are key to successful loudspeaker design projects. Validating magnetic, suspension, and diaphragm designs through, both small and large signal measurements brings better and quicker results for customers.

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MISCO Acquires Warkwyn Associates


Loudspeaker and audio systems manufacturer MISCO has acquired Warkwyn Associates, an independent acoustic design, measurement, and testing lab. MISCO president Dan Digre said that Warkwyn will continue to provide its same high level of services for current Warkwyn customers. Warkwyn has relocated from Pakenham, Ontario to MISCO’s home base of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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